“Ibiza Ibiza” is the latest single from Jack Ezra’s new album “Watching My Six”.
(Not to be confused with singer/songwriter George Ezra)

At face value the story in the “Ibiza Ibiza” song describes the love between Mario & Juliet who fall for each other in the sunny holiday island of Ibiza. Set to a classic dance beat, the underlining idea in the song and video explains how the couple don’t use drugs but “…get their real highs on the dance floor”. The video also shows Jacks real feelings and his love for the people of the Spanish island of Ibiza.

“Ibiza Ibiza” is one song of 10 with a running total of 42 minutes of music on the album.
“Watching My Six”, is Jack Ezra’s third Album and the title track was recently a 2018 Eurovision entry.
Jacks 2 previous albums “Premonition” & “Weekend Daddy” have been downloaded in 46 Countries worldwide.

Song titles on the album include: Watching My Six, You Believe In Me, Oh What A Love, UFO’s Are Real, Gamer, God Ain’t No Friend, Mumbai Express, Over, Ibiza Ibiza and one of Jack’s favourite songs, “Come On Johnny Allen”.
Jack says this is a tribute to his guitar playing hero Jimi Hendrix who came to him in a vivid dream and told him how to write the song.
If you are a Jimi Hendrix fan you will appreciate “Come On Johnny Allen”.

Thanks from Jack Ezra go to the unknown Graffiti artists for their contributions used on the album cover captured from the walls along Eastern Esplanade, Southend, Essex, UK.

The album “Watching My Six” was written over 34 months in 4 countries & took over 200 hours to record with Jack playing or programming all the drums and Midi instruments. Jack plays the real Lead and rhythm guitar parts, the 20 Synth tracks, the 20 Bass tracks and the 40 Piano tracks.
Jack sings the 20 Lead vocals and all but one of the 60 vocal backing tracks singing over 3000 words.

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The single “Ibiza Ibiza” & “Watching My Six”, the music album by Jack Ezra, are available from all download stores.
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Thanks from Jack Ezra go to the unknown Essex, Graffiti artists for their contributions used on the album cover captured from the walls (before demolition) along Eastern Esplanade, Southend, UK.


“Ibiza Ibiza”, the single & video, and “Watching My Six”, the music album by Jack Ezra, are available from all  download stores.

Don’t forget to test your reactions with the app Poke-Fun From Jet2games.

Available for IOS & Android phones.


"Christmas Father" December 2015 Xmas Single Release.

Musician releases second single based on experiences as a separated father. Musician Jack Ezra has released his second single, Christmas Father” from an album “Weekend Daddy”, inspired by his experiences as a separated dad. The father of three from Hertfordshire, based many of the songs on his album on his heart-wrenching experiences of divorce and struggling to maintain a relationship with his children through a high conflict separation.  Dads who no longer live with their children after separation often find the run up to Christmas to be one of the most difficult times of the year, where the distance between themselves and their children can become unbearable. Jack’s aim with his two singles and the album is to give a voice to the experiences of thousands of Dads who will not be able to spend time with their children this Christmas, and to draw attention to the impact that high conflict separations can have on children and parents over time. Jack Ezra, the musician behind “Christmas Father” & Weekend Daddy, said, “I have wanted to produce this album for many years, but as anyone who has been through separation and struggled to see their children will know, it has only been recently that I have been able to put these overwhelming emotions and experiences into words. My experiences took me to some very dark places, and it was only with the support of my family and friends that I was able to make it through. Not every dad who struggles to see their children has that luxury, and with this music I wanted to let them know that they are not alone this Christmas. I hope that it will inspire any Dads still struggling to maintain a relationship with their kids to keep going, and to let them know that support is out there.” Jerry Karlin, Chair of the charity Families Need Fathers, commented, “Whilst Christmas Day will be celebrated across the world , for many of the parents we work with, it will be a very difficult time spent apart from their children. I know that many Dads will connect deeply with the messages in Jack’s music, and I hope that this will raise some much needed awareness of the struggles that many Father’s face just to try and remain a part of their children’s lives. The single,“Christmas Father” or songs from the album “Weekend Daddy” can be purchased via iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/weekend-daddy/id991328582 . A portion of sales go to Families Need Fathers, to support the charities work.

For comment, case studies or information please contact:Ross Jones, Policy and Communications Manager 0300 0300 110Note for editors: Families Need Fathers (FNF) is a registered charity providing information and support on shared parenting issues arising from family breakdown, and support to divorced and separated parents, irrespective of gender or marital status. Our primary concern is the maintenance of the child’s relationship with both parents.Founded in 1974, FNF helps thousands of parents every year.


"Weekend Daddy" ALBUM & SINGLE available NOW.

About Jack Ezra

Jack Ezra is multi talented. An all-round, inventor, singer song-writer, teacher and father of Three. His New Album, Weekend Daddy features many songs about family break up, including the title track Weekend Daddy. Other songs include 911 Daddy Down, Ice On The Sun, Invisible To You, Your World, Crossfire, Christmas Father and an instrumental track, Sisters. Jack's music is sponsored by the charity Families Need Fathers.

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The Weekend Daddy Story. An Interview with Jack Ezra. Singer /Songwriter.

Music released for Fathers and Families on Father’s Day June 21st 2015.

  • Interviewer: So Jack, why did you call the album Weekend Daddy?
  • JE: It’s the title track of the Album of the same name. It took me ten years to record that song. Each time I tried to sing it my throat seized up – you know, like when you get emotional and you want to cry. I just couldn’t do it until a few months ago. I’d start singing,… “Your Mother walked out with the two of you”…and I’d just break down. I’d keep seeing this image of my kids leaving with their Mum and I just couldn’t record that song till all these years later. The thing is most Weekend Daddy’s don’t actually see their kids every weekend – it’s once a fortnight if they are lucky. There was one time I didn’t see my kids for three years. Their Mum had an excuse every time I was due to collect them. There’re ill, they have a party to go to - something to stop me seeing them.Years went by until I set up home with my fiancé. A home specially selected to give both my kids a room each when they came to stay every other weekend. When I did see them I was having to travel eighty miles each way on a Saturday morning to collect them and then the same again to return them on Sunday evening. This went on for years until their Mum one-day decided I was not paying enough maintenance. I had to start serious litigation to get in to Court to try to see my son and daughter. By this time my daughter was in her early teens and the judge suggested that she might not want to see me every fortnight, as she was now old enough to do her own thing on weekends.
  • Interviewer: Are you any relation to George Ezra?
  • JE: No. George Ezra’s real name is actually George Ezra Barnett. He’s a terrific British singer/songwriter half my age. My surname really is Ezra. When I was teaching technology in a school, the students spread the rumour that I was George Ezra’s Dad. Also, when my previous album, “Premonition”, was released last year, I had to refund a couple of people who bought my music on iTunes by mistake because they thought they were buying George Ezra’s music.
  • Interviewer: Why did your Marriage break up?
  • JE: After their Mum had our second child she started going nightclubbing a lot and returning home in the early hours.I didn’t mind at all at first, as I quite liked looking after the kids and playing music in my basement-recording studio with the baby monitor on. My brother said one evening, “Where is she going this time of night all dressed up”. Occasionally, their Mum would be revising at a friend’s house for her accountancy exams till the early hours. She also insisted that it would be good for us to spend time apart so I helped her pack and she and the kids left one weekend. All she was really doing was moving in with a guy she was having an affair with for the past six months. I should have seen that something was wrong but I was just too trusting or just too stupid. 
    Interviewer: Are all the songs on the Album about family break-up?
  • JE: No, not at all. I wrote “Crossfire” during the Gaza conflict when I was actually in Israel. I just felt bad for both sides. There seemed no way out for either side with innocent people getting hurt - caught up in the middle.“Your World” is just about the Earth – this planet that we share with each other and possibly how some people believe we got here.“Get What you Give” is about some people who meddle in other people’s business a bit too much making the situation worse for everyone while “Sisters Instrumental” is just a piece of music which I have dedicated to all sisters who care for each other.
  • Interviewer: “911 Daddy Down” – that’s about you isn’t it?
  • JE: It’s about me and a lot of other Dads who feel suicidal at some point. Sadly, some actually go through with it and take their kids with them. Luckily for me I had lots of family support at the time and got through it. I would never dream of leaving my kids behind without a Dad.
    Interviewer: Weren’t you in the papers and on the radio a few months ago about inventing something for the deaf?
  • JE: Yes. I invented a system called “Invisible Subtitles” so the deaf and hard of hearing could see captions during a movie while the rest of the audience don’t see the subtitles. I’m a fully qualified Design & Technology teacher and also a bit of an inventor with dozens of filed patents - but that’s another story.
  • Interviewer: How do you have time to teach, invent and do your music?
  • JE: I guess I am a very creative person. It just pours out of me. If I see something, a niche in the market for a product – I work on it. If I have an idea for a song like “Ice On The Sun”, which means “things that are impossible”, I work on it. I love music as much as I love technology and love teaching technology to kids and I think that they respond to the fact that I do all this other stuff.
  • Interviewer: I understand you are not going to your daughter’s wedding next month?
  • JE: No I’m not. I was invited to attend by my daughter. She said “Dad, Fred, her step Dad, is paying for the wedding so he’s walking me down the aisle”. Really matter of fact. I was heartbroken. I explained that it was a Dad’s honour to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away. I spoke to many people about it and most people agreed with me while some said I should go to the wedding no matter what. I saw my daughter after that and she seemed quite OK that I was not going. “You didn’t even send me an engagement card”, she said. I know sometimes things get lost in the post but this time a lost card really caused a lot of pain and heartache.
  • Interviewer: Didn’t your daughter send you a wedding invitation card also?
  • JE: The card was yet another stab in the heart for me. It said, “Fred and Amy Roberts request the pleasure of your company to the evening reception of the marriage of THEIR Daughter”….The word THEIR really got to me. I asked my daughter about it and she said that she was fine with how the card was written. I was expected to watch another man walking my daughter down the aisle, stand on the side-lines and smile and take video of the event. It's amazing how all these years later the ripples of a divorce are still felt by all involved.
  • Interviewer: Do you keep in regular contact with your children from your first marriage?
  • JE: No, I haven’t seen Bob, my son, for a couple of years now. He went off to train as a surfing instructor in Australia but I do get the odd email and Skype. Meanwhile my daughter is settled with her fiancé - she’s got her own life - she’s close in miles but I can’t help feeling that her mum and my divorce has made us quite distant from each other. In fact I wrote “Invisible to you”, on the album, which kind of sums it up, really.
  • Interviewer: You have a new wife and family now - what do they think about all this?
  • JE: My wife has always supported me through my break-up and divorce. In a way, she’s been the strong one. She came to Court many times even though they wouldn’t let her in sometimes. I’m sure it’s hard for any new wife or girlfriend to accept someone else’s children in their own home and just as hard for the kids to get on with the new woman in Dads life. Sure, it was tense at times. My son from my second marriage, didn’t know he had a stepbrother and stepsister for many years but when we thought he was old enough and ready to find out, he seemed to accept it without any problems. Interviewer: Has all this caused problems in your family?
  • JE: Yes, it has. I have fallen out with some of my close family over it. They insist that I should have been a more forceful, proactive, Dad and think that I should do this and do that about the situation. I don’t think a Dad should be treated like an ordinary member of the audience at his daughter’s wedding. I will still see my daughter after she is married. She’ll still be my daughter just as my son will always be my son.
    Interviewer: Didn’t your kids change their surnames when they were still quite young?
  • JE: Yes. I was only told recently that when my kids were at school, their mum had their names changed to Fred’s last name for convenience – for the sake of school trips, holidays etc. Only, I’m sure you can’t really do that legally – can you? Or at least surely, you must need the permission and signature of the real Father to change your children’s surnames officially by DeedPoll.
  • Interviewer: How did that make you feel?
  • JE: I was gutted. My own kids – eradicating my surname and changing it to their step Dad’s surname. I felt that my kids wanted to cut themselves off from me. I spoke to my daughter about it recently and she said she was young and didn’t realise it meant that much to me. It didn’t help that certain people in the family said it was OK and that what their mum did was fine and it was all right with them. Meanwhile I was doing everything in my power – going to Court, travelling hundreds of miles each weekend, just so that I could see my kids on a regular basis.
  • Interviewer: Did you feel that your album Weekend Daddy was like therapy for you?
  • JE: Oh, yeah definitely. Music has always been therapy for me. If I couldn’t let it all out – I would just crack. Take “Christmas Father” for instance, on the album. The things I mention are one hundred percent true. I used to see my kids on Boxing Day and that was my Christmas day with them. This went on year after year. “Wrapping presents all alone then call the kids up on the phone”. It happened exactly like that – it was awful.
  • Interviewer: So what do you hope your music will achieve?
  • JE: It’s already been good for me getting it out of my system but it is also now starting to connect with new Dads that are currently being treated badly by their partners and going through a tough time. The Charity, “Families Need Fathers” heard about my album and together we are showing Dads that they are not alone – there is a help network available for them.
  • Interviewer: Do you have a video to go with Weekend Daddy?
  • JE: Yes, it's shot in 3D HD I might add - with some help from my young son behind the camera. I haven’t released it in 3D as there is not much call for it at the moment. What it has got running through it, is loads of actual clips of my two children from my first marriage as they are growing up mostly shot on the Weekends I had contact with them. I think it adds a real feeling of honesty and reality to the song - that this really happened to this person – to this family.
  • Interviewer: So Weekend Daddy by Jack Ezra is being released for Father’s Day?
  • JE: Yes, I really wanted it to come out around that day so all Fathers can connect with what I am saying. Fathers, Mothers and children in a good relationship should be grateful for what they have and Dads that are new Weekend Daddies need to know that they are not alone and we can all celebrate Father’s Day together.



At the age of eleven Jack won his first guitar in a bet with his cousin. The challenge was that he had to learn how to play all the chords for the song, "House Of the Rising Sun", in four hours. Jack had never touched a guitar before. All through school he won poetry, essay, and song writing competitions, and it was not long before he was gigging as lead singer & guitarist with his band, "Twice Nightly", managed by the not yet, famous and influential, Lucian Grainge, CBE, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. It was during this period he received offers to join other, more well known bands as a lead singer or guitarist, whilst rubbing shoulders with Bob Geldof and the, soon to be signed, "Boom Town Rats". Instead, Jack went off to Art College to begin his love of film & art & design. Jack has since become a great innovator and inventor in the world of 3D. But that’s another story....At that time he formed "Fast Forward" with his brother Solly on drums. This band was managed by Jim White who also managed  "Alex Harvey" & "Nazareth". Still a record deal eluded the band. Meanwhile Jack's song writing was noticed by "Eaton Music" and through a publishing deal, songs were submitted to many named artists including Tina Turner. From his portfolio, "Just a Moment Away" was chosen for the EuroVision/ Song For Europe Contest, and made it as far as the top 24 out of 2000 applicants. Solly, Jack's brother, was now the drummer in "The Reaction", the band with Mark Hollis which went on to become "TalkTalk" in the 80's. It was not long before Jack was also part of that band. However, working with Mark H proved impossible for the two brothers and Solly signed with another band called "The Eyes", whilst Jack began his four year Art & Design BA Honours Degree course at Cat Hill.
It was at this time that the introduction of the Fostex, multitrack, 4 track cassette, PortaStudio became available and this marked a turning point for Jack's music. He was now able to go solo as a singer songwriter and musician. The 3D Experience Ltd was born and now, years later, Jack moves between his passions, developing future technology, creating 3D content including films and music videos, and writing music and sound-tracks for all of the Company’s 3DHD video productions.
After obtaining both, his BA Hons. Degree in Art & Design and also a PGCE teaching qualification, he worked as Studio Manager at the Samurai Music complex in London. It was here he honed his music production skills working with dozens of new and also well known artists including, "Boy George", "Erasure" and "Level 42". Jack bought the basement of his flat and set up his own professional recording studio, all the time teaching Design & Technology in a local school and dabbling in the new field of Three Dimensional Video. It was at this time he merged his two passions, and single-handedly produced the first ever 3D Music Video from technology he developed.
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